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Our business dream was born when we were planning our children's parties together. On a side note, if you and a friend are helping each other with planning parties, do not plan the parties to be on the same weekend as each other!!! EXHAUSTING!

We had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves immensely - and I'll even say that we did a mighty fine job of the parties too. Several people suggested that we make a business of it, which was an idea that we had played with a bit, this encouragement from our friends and family spurred us on and we began to plot and plan and came up with our business!

Formal bit: 
Our 'mission' is to help others experience the same joy and fun that comes from hosting a party that is well planned, decorated, and completely coordinated.

Biography bit:
Sandra is married to Mark and they have two boys. She is a Primary School Teacher who works three days a week at the school her boys attend; she teaches Maths, Science, IT, and Art. Sandra enjoys digital scrapping, sewing and reading. She has a cat, a dog, some chooks and a budgie. Sandra loves orange chocolate, she likes to have a glass of moscato when she's out for dinner, she likes her mac computer (far too much her Mark thinks), she likes hearing lawn mowers on sunny spring days, and she loves singing along to Billy Joel. She doesn't like putting her fingers in cornflour, talking on the phone, or making right hand turns at busy intersections.

Renée is also married to Mark (but a different one - which keeps both the husbands on their toes when we're all together - which is quite a lot really!). Renée (also known as Supergirl or Supermum) and Mark have 6 children (including triplets!). Renée enjoys digital scrapping (she got Sandra hooked on it!) Renée likes engaging in Nerf gun wars with her 10 year old son and sitting on her bum - to even out the Supermum routine. She also likes orange chocolate, listening to and singing to great music, having a glass of moscato or four (when she's' not pregnant), and her mac computer.
Renée doesn't like sultanas or mushrooms, noisy neighbours (the kids do enough of that), talking on the phone (we do lots of texting!) and also doesn't like making right hand turns at busy intersections.

You'd have to agree that with such common likes and dislikes, we make a great team!

About the two Marks:
They are both wonderful husbands and fathers. Without their support we would not be able to be on the adventure that we find ourselves now on. Thanks boys! xx

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