Saturday, March 16, 2013

Circus Party Invitations and Printables

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Also available in this this is coordinating printables, add on printables, circus clown bunting, clown photo props, mustache photo props and ring master photo props.   *See bottom of post to see what is included with each item.

Circus Party Printable Collection

Circus Party Add On Collection

Clown Photo props

Clown Noses and Mouths Photo Props

Clown Photo Props

Mustache Photo Props

Ring Master Photo Props

Clown Photo Props

Circus Happy Birthday Bunting

Circus Clown Bunting

The Printable Collection includes
- files to create a Happy Birthday bunting banner (2 flags per page)
- party circles (that measure 2")
- bag toppers
- personalized bottle wrappers - maximum of 25 names
- cupcake wrappers
- personalized place cards (or food labels) - maximum of 24 names
- paper
- photo booth sign

The Add On Collection includes
- 1 party hat - choose your colors from the ones pictured in the second picture
- popcorn box
- mini flags
- happy birthday party sign (fully personalized with your text) 5x7"
- wrappers for mini Hershey candy bars

Circus Clown Bunting includes
- 14 different circus images, as pictured above

The Clown Photo Booth Props include
- 1 sign, and eight different colored clown hats with noses and mouths.

Clown Nose and Mouth Photo Props include
- This set includes a four clown noses and mouths.

Ring Master Photo Props include
- ring master hat, bow tie and mustache

Mustache Photo Props include
 - This set includes eight black mustaches, and eight brown mustaches. Pin It!

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