Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Photo Booth Props

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With Christmas just around the corner, these cute photo booth props are perfect for snapping a festive and fun shot of your kids and using for you Christmas card! You can purchase them here with instant download.!/~/category/id=5495056&offset=0&sort=normal

Christmas Photo Props

Santa's Hat, Beard and Glasses Photo Props

Cutest Christmas Elf ever!!  Elf or Santa's Helper Photo Booth Prop

Mrs. Claus Santa Hat Photo Booth Prop

Reindeer Antlers and Rudolph Nose Photo Booth Prop

Santa Hat Photo Booth Prop

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Vintage Chalkboard 40th Birthday Celebration

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Next week I'll be turning 40, so to celebrate my last week of being in my 30s we went to Phillip Island for the weekend. We hired a holiday house and our family and friends came for a BBQ lunch on Sunday. After lunch we went to the beach, hired some wetsuits and surfboards and had some fun.

Roses from our garden in cute jam jars (love the Bonne Maman jam jars)

Cheese Table

Cheese Table

Happy Birthday Bunting

Beverage Table
Drink Dispenser from Wheel and Barrow
Ice Bucket from Masters

I found these 'beer mugs' at one of those cheap shops - they come with lids too
Mini Milk Bottles from our shop

Drink Dispenser from Wheel and Barrow
filled with Lemon and Iced Tea with Mint

French Champagne from some very special friends in France

Wine Charms - I just love how these turned out!
Antique Silver Cabochon Frames and Glass Cabochons from Beads Online
Wine Glass Charm Rings from Crafty Bead Dreamer 

Silver Disposable Cutlery by Party Said Fred from Lombards

Grey and White Bakers Twine from Style Party Love

Silver Frame (I bought cheap white frames from the Reject Shop and spray painted them silver)

Dessert Table
Red Velvet Cake with Raspberries
Choc-mint Cheesecake
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Cake Pops
Creme Brûlée
Patisserie artwork downloaded from the Graphics Fairy
Ambrosia Zest Appetiser Plates from House

Ambrosia Ice Cream bowl from House

Thank You Musk Lollies

I am so pleased with how it all came together. Big thank you to Mark, our boys and my parents who helped set it all up and pack it all up again. <3  Mark did most of the baking (he is such a wonderful cook!) for the dessert table (and my Mum made my favourite Cheesecake). We had various BBQ meats, Garlic Prawns and Salads for lunch.

I made the large framed signs (cheese, wine and dessert) in Photoshop - I had them printed at Officeworks and then we mounted them onto corflute with spray adhesive. We made the frames out of balsa wood that we cut to size, stained and then glued onto the corflute.

I used paper doilies and bakers twine to make the doily bunting. Fold the doily in half, glue with the twine on the inside of the fold. Easy Peasy!

Bunting (not the same as the bunting pictured), food labels, cupcake wrappers, party circles and thank you bag toppers are all available for purchase from  our shop.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Significant Birthday

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Half the fun of having a party is in the planning.

I am turning a significant age this month and as much as I am in denial about it, and hate the idea of having a party for myself (weird I know, especially when I am in the party business) I am in the middle of planning something to celebrate this significant event.

Being an introvert I didn't want a party, and originally thought we'd just go out for dinner with our family and a few close friends, but we came up with a better idea.

So I am not having a "Party" I'm having a "Birthday BBQ" - there's a difference :-P

We are going to Phillip Island for the weekend (we've hired a lovely holiday house) and our family and friends will come down for the day and we'll have a bbq lunch followed by an afternoon at the beach - hopefully the weather will be good to us. We are going to hire some beginner surf boards from the surf shop just up from the beach. Everyone can hire wetsuits if they wish and we'll have an afternoon of swimming and surfing.

A few months ago we took our boys to a beach at Phillip Island which is perfect for beginner surfers. My husband's cousin lives there and he taught the boys how to surf so we thought this would be a fun and memorable way to celebrate the 'significant age' I am turning. I'm looking forward to having a go surfing myself - last time I was behind the camera so I could get some fabulous pictures of the boys surfing for the first time.

So at the moment I am in the middle of planning this and I am having a lot of fun. I really hope it all turns out as nice as I envisage. I can't wait to see it all come together! Stay tuned for pictures of my "Significant Birthday BBQ"!

Save the Date

Chalkboard invitation or save the date can be purchased here.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pink Disco Party / Pink Dance Party / Pink 70's Party

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Another one of our lovely customers sent in some of her party photo's.  She had the pink disco party for her daughter's birthday.    Rose did a wonderful job decorating Charlotte's party and I particularly loved the idea of using the cupcake wrappers to hold little fruit cups!  Great idea Rose!  Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Rose also left us some great feedback! 

Charlotte had an amazing time at her disco party!! I was really happy with how well the printables came out and brought the theme together! The CD's were a HUGE hit with her guests (and the parents)!! I just wanted to say a big thank you for Charlotte's pink disco party invitations and printables!! We loved the co-ordinating pieces, which were reasonably priced and so easy to print out and bring together! Your service was undeniably outstanding, fast and reliable and you were more than happy to answer all my silly questions!! I'm pleased to share some photos from Charlotte's special day – which she described as "the best party ever!". Seeing her big smiling face when she saw her party set up was one of my favourite moments of the day! I love supporting local business and recommend Mother Duck Said: "Let's Party!" to anyone looking to make their occasion extra special. Thank you

 This collection is also available in aqua, you can see photos of the the disco theme in aqua here.

Pink Disco Party - Happy Birthday Bunting

Pink Disco Party Table

Pink Disco Party Table

Pink Disco Party - Cup Wrappers and Place Mats

Pink Disco Party - Cup Wrappers

Pink Disco Party Cupcake Wrappers

Pink Disco Party - Cupcake Wrappers

Pink Disco Party - Cupcake Toppers

Pink Disco Party Menu Cards

Pink Disco Party Menu Cards

Pink Disco Party CD Jewel Cover

The beautiful birthday girl!

Pink Disco Party Decorations - Printables

 The Ice Skating collection includes:
- files to create a "Happy Birthday" bunting banner (2 flags per page)
- party circles (that measure 2")
- candy bag toppers
- personalized bottle OR cup wrappers (9oz - 250ml cup) - maximum of 25 names
- cupcake wrappers
- personalized place cards (or food labels) - maximum of 24 names
- placemat / tray liner

* Personalised Bunting is not included in the standard collection (as pictured in the customer's photos) however it can be purchased if you wish.

Pink Disco Party Decoration Printables Add On
The Disco add on collection includes:
- party hat
- fry box
- mini flags
- happy birthday party sign (fully personalized with your text) 5x7"
- wrappers for mini Hershey candy bars

Pink Disco Party Invitation

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